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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  December 5, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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others blame low morale and a staff stretched too thin. police chief moore says a surge in sick calls doesn't come as a complete surprise. >> february through april and up until the end of june when we did the layoffs, you see a tremendous spike in the amount of sick leave. we anticipated that and that's what happened. >> reporter: chief moore says while staffing was stretched thin the public was still adequately protected. the san jose police officers association says resignations or the rise. 47 officers quit this year, compared to the usual four or five that resign each year. police association says some officers were able to find police jobs with better benefits and more job security at smaller departments in the bay area. a day-long standoff kith
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with a gunman just end. college drive near lee avenue this morning, police just cleared the neighborhood around 4:00 this afternoon. they had thought that a shooting suspect had barricaded himself inside that home. turns out they were wrong. there was nobody inside. the wanted man is believed to be connected to an overnight shooting. police say a 26-year-old man shot two people in a restaurant parking lot on story road. the suspect's suv was found in front of the home that the s.w.a.t. team surrounded. the case turns out he wasn't there. the suspect remains on the run this evening and he is believed to be armed and dangerous. much-needed help in oakland. more police officers. the city announced it's adding 25 new police officers. this is the first time in more than a year that new cadets will be added to the opd. the recruits were close to becoming full-time officers when they were laid off because of budget cuts. mayor jean kwon welcomed the
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group back today. they'll be stationed near middle schools and high-risk areas. not everyone is happy with the plan. >> they'll be inside the schools, around the schools, working in those neighborhoods to make sure young people get to school safely. >> it will help middle schools which is good. we need officers for our youth and they're a protected class of citizen, we should be caring about our youth. at the same time we have active citizens we have to protect and we're barely able to that that. >> a $10 million federal grant is paying for these officers. they're expected to be on the streets in about two months. if you had to break out the heater, extra blankets, feety pajamas this weekend, you are not alone and don't put them away. >> she mentioned those pajamas. >> i love feety pa jam pass. >> jeff ranier what's happening? >> take a look, we are under a freeze warning as we head throughout tonight for parts of the bay area.s
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temperatures dropping down into the 20s tonight and tomorrow. the most critical area to protect the pet is and plants, temperatures down into the 20s, right now winds relaxing and those light winds helping numbers to drop right now into the 40s into our north bay. for the east bay we are currently under a frost so we will have some areas of patchy frost tonight. slightly warmer in and throughout our east bay communities. by 11:00 p.m. tonight, temperatures could already be in the 30s in the north bay throughout napa and sonoma valleys. as we head throughout 5:00 and 6:00 tomorrow morning, it's lated 20s. details on how long this will last in a few minutes. >> a crime spree in one of the bay area's safest suburbs. drivers in pleasanton, beware. there's an alarming increase in car theft. a 300% increase in the month of november. more than any time in the past
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three years. and the trend appears to be continuing this month. police say the thieves are primarily targeting hondas and acuras. this man's honda right here is an accord, taken from his driveway just last week. police found it over the weekend. they're asking people to take precautions. >> we had one vehicle stolen over the weekend that was recovered in sacramento. oakland, hayward. we believe people are coming in from outside the city. >> police say solving this crime trend as top priority. they have leads and are hoping to make arrests this week. first class mail arrive on second class timeline. the united states postal service is one step closer to making dramatic cuts that would impact the speed of how fast your letters get to your house. nbc bay area's traci grant is live at the postal distribution center in burlingame.
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we've been talking about this for a year. >> reporter: you're exactly right. it's almost a relic from another time. this was the last time you used a blue mail collection box? the numbers of people using them have decreased dramatically. as a result, places like this distribution center are inching closer to closure. and the term snail mail could become even more accurate. right now, they are distributing the mail inside and it's possible that they may soon have to stop doing that because this place could shut down. >> i don't use computer, i don't know how to operate a computer. >> reporter: you depend on the post office to send your bills? >> i do. >> reporter: not long from now, those checks you send to pay the utilities or the rent might start arriving a little late. right now, first class mail, the envelopes that you put a stamp on and drop into the mailbox, takes a day to deliver if the
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address is wind the bay area. depending how the postal regulatory commission votes, it could take up to three times longer than that. >> we need to change the service standard. because the drive times will be longer, the way we're going to be processing mail will be different. >> reporter: the cash-strapped united states postal service has filed a proposal with the commission to consolidate its services so it can close 252 of its 487 mail processing facilities. like this one in burlingame. possible changes will not impact priority or express mail or parcell delivery. it will slow down first class mail which has decreased 27% since 2006. >> i think it's tragic this world has changed so much. we've gotten into the i.t. world and the internet and it scares me. >> reporter: the postal service announced in september that it was studying a long list of closures, including three in the bay area. and the possible impact they could have on customers. and even businesses like netflix
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which relies heavily on the postal system. closing the petaluma processing center alone could save $2.5 million a year. he says union contracts prohibit layoffs so no workers will be losing jobs but empty slots won't be filled and there could be changes. >> as processing plants possibly close we could be repositioning employees to different positions. >> reporter: now don't forget that the postal service is also mulling over closing thousands of post offices across the country. no decision is expected from the commission about any of this until early next year. >> newly appointed task force will investigate that pepper spray incident during a protest at uc davis last month. university of california president approved a 12-member panel made up of uc davis students, faculty, alumni and staff. cruz ren. so will oversee the
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task force. it will try to figure out who's to blame for the problem when campus police out of nowhere shot pepper spray into the eyes and faces of demonstrators. three bodies have been found in the merced river, believed to be the group of friends swept over a waterfall in yosemite early this year. the body of a 27-year-old was found trapped under huge boulders underneath that waterfall. on saturday rangers found another body believed to be 21-year-old ramina bedal, a former nursing student. the two fell over the fall while a third person was dragged to his death trying to save them, according to witnesses. they were posing for a picture in july. from contaminated dumping ground to playground? crews in east palo alto are transforming a once-toxic site into a new water-front park. the city's mayor was joined by dignity tears from state and federal environmental groups for
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the ground-breaking at cooley landing park today, located near the ravens wood open space preserve. phase one of the project, crews will clean the topsoil of the property contaminated with mercury, arsenic and other chemicals from its 80 years as a county damp. they'll install a trail system that leads to the bay. >> it's almost 50% surrounded by water, we have no direct access. this is going to be the first park in the city that gives our community residents access to the bay. >> the park would open to the public as early as next summer. hundreds of world leaders gathering to show support for war-torn afghanistan. next at 5:00, why one country decided to skip the important talk. i'm scott budman. silicon valley loses a leader. that story after the break. one galaxy-shaking discovery. a planet very similar to h,an w calling it a gift.
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at one point she was one of the most powerful women in corporate america. she was also a major player in the silicon valley. >> she had a remarkable career but tonight she's being mourned. business and tech reporter scott budman is here with a look at the life of patricia dunn. >> jessica and raj, patricia dunn started her career as a typist in a bank. she went on to become chairwoman of tech giant hewlett-packard. she died sunday morning after a fight with cancer. she rose to the top of a huge company but her career was undermined in 2006 by her role in a plan to look into private phone records of hp board members and reporters. before that she was known for her woman on philanthropic boards as well as at hp. patricia dunn was 58 years old. we go to matters financial and checking the markets. movement in europe towards a possible debt deal sent stocks higher. all major indexes are positive for the year.
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the biggest stock gainer, success knack fors of san mateo up 51%. also san mateo's e-meter stopped up by simmons. 6:00, a silicon valley battle between a website that lets you see racy photos and a payment powerhouse that says those photos are too provocative. we'll have both sides of the story tonight at 6:00. a lot of the people are angry over this one tonight. world leaders met in germany to discuss the situation in afghanistan. but overshadowing the conference was the absence of a key player. pakistan. during the conference, secretary of state hillary clinton said the u.s. will continue to support afghanistan long after u.s. troops have withdrawn in 2014. other leaders echoed clinton's statement and promised financial aid for civil construction and to help the country reach its economic potential. >> we have determined afghanistan will never again fall to the hands of those who
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would turn it into a source of threat and harm to others. we want our country to be a genuine asset to security and peace in an integrated region. >> pakistan boycotted after nato forces killed 24 pakistani soldiers on the border with afghanistan. nato officials have called the incident an accident. president obama putting pressure on republicans urging them to extend a payroll tax cut that expires at the end of this month. he says not doing so would be a terrible mistake in a still-fragile economy. republican leaders have agreed with president obama that the payroll tax cut should be extended to help the economy but they're facing resistance. republicans who are concerned democrats want to pay for the tax cut by raises taxes on million-dollar incomes. democratic senate leader harry reid laid out a compromise today but democrats have given no indication they want to give it up altogether. governor jerry brown's
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approval rating is near a record low. the governor has among the lowest first-year approval ratings of any california governor in the last five decades. but analysts at the field poll say in the current economy, he's doing as well as can be expected. receiving more positive ratings than negative ones. fewer than half the voters, 47%, approve of brown's job. 36% disapprove. the legislator has only a 22% approval rating. that's more than twice as high as it was just over a year ago. a high school student from cupertino has won top honors in a national science competition. angela zang took home a $100,000 scholarship for research on cancer cells that drive the growth of tumors. the 17-year-old says her research was motivated by fam y family. two of her grandfathers died of cancer. she says the particle she designed is better than current cancer treatments because it delivers a drug directly to
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tumor cells and it doesn't affect the healthy cells around it. she's hoping to become a research professor. we might have company. another planet that looks and feels like earth. nasa scientists have made a significant discovery. astronomers at the nasa ames research center in mountain view have found such a planet in another solar system. the planet was discovered by the center's kepler telescope. the temperature on this planet is approximately 72 degrees and orbits a star similar to our sun. it likely has water and land. one scientist is calling it "earth 2.0." we have company. >> yes, let's turn things over to jeff ranieri. another planet for you to have to give weather forecasts to. >> work keeps piling up. we're going to get company tonight by very cold temperatures here across the bay area. we did mention this freeze warning for the north bay. take a look at this. freeze warnings extending over 400 miles throughout the central valley of california. temperatures are expected to be
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in the 20s to 30s. this is a widespread event here for the state as we head into tomorrow morning. right now, numbers are starting to drop here in the east bay to 55 in livermore. 58 currently in san jose. slowly dropping in the north bay with upper 50s and low 60s. for tomorrow morning it's going to stay clear. it will be cold for us. we do have a freeze warning for some of the viewing area. for tuesday, dry and sunny. and a pretty rare, unusual seven-day forecast still sticking with us. right now, light winds are less than 5 miles per hour. that's key in the aid of this frost development in the north and also east bay. when you get those calmer winds, temperatures are able to drop a lot more. the air is not being stirred around. so everything is right on track right now for temperatures that could drop into the 20s for tonight. we have no clouds not only in the bay area but across all of california. the storm track remains. several thousand miles off to the north. washington and oregon not even getting any of the action. it's all heading up towards alaska and points to the north.
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tonight it will stay particular us with patchy frost inland. 60s daytime highs. a decent rebound for us. throughout wednesday it will stay dry, clear and also cold. the most critical area tonight, the freeze warning in effect for our north bay interior sections. isolated 20s possible. so of course remember those pets and cover up those plants too if you plan on keeping them. back towards the east bay, temperatures into the 30s. not quite as cold but definitely could be scraping a little bit of frost off that windshield as we head into tomorrow morning. so where are the 20s expected? around santa rosa. possibly close to napa valley. 35 in san rafael. 33 in livermore. 36 in gilroy. going down to a very, very cold 34 in los gatos. for tomorrow, our numbers are going to be popping up pretty nicely here considering how cold we'll be starting. 60 in san jose. 57 in los gatos. 57 in san francisco. also 58 in san mateo. for our interior sections, a decent bump.
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just about near average nor us in concord with 58. also 57 in san ramon. for much of the north bay, temperatures near 60. 57 expected at the coastline in bodega bay. more at on your seven-day forecast. click the weather tab and it will take you there. on the seven-day forecast, you'll find temperatures inland for daytime highs upper 50s to near 60 with that freeze warning for the north bay tomorrow morning. we stay dry through friday, saturday and sunday. some of the forecast models hinting at a few isolated showers. definitely not a big storm by monday. we could really use the rainfall. we started off the rainfall so far ahead until respects. right now 2 to 3 inches behind. so hopefully we'll start to catch up here soon. the next seven days, dry, no rain. >> let's not jinx it. last year we had a lot of rain. you said that, next thing we knew, deluge for 3 1/2 months. >> i know, i tiptoe around it
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all the time. >> he's a politician when he talks, thank you, jeff. next, no easy decision. reality tv star julianna ron tick shares her decision to take a drastic measure? inn her battle with breast cancer. some of the brightest researchers in the country are sitting sights on protecting football players right hern b . we'll show you the new technology on the field. ♪
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just weeks after announcing that she has breast cancer, a tv host is now bracing to undergo aggressive treatment. julia that rancic from e entertainment on the style network announced on the "today" show that she's going to undergo a double mastectomy. she appeared with her husband bill rancic, known as the first winner of "the apprentice." >> with the double mastectomy i have less than a 1% chance of getting it back. with another lumpectomy,
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radiation and medication, i could have seen a 20%, 40% chance in my lifetime. for me it wasn't worth it. >> rancic is 37 years old. doctors found her tumors during a mammogram. she says following surgery she'll undergo six weeks of radiation. amy winehouse passed away earlier this year but her musical legacy continues. this week wine house's new album is being released. it will feature a collection of alternate versions of earlier songs she's performed and previously unreleased tracks. the singer won several grammy awards but was in the headlines seemingly more often for drug and alcohol addiction. >> they're going to remember the scandal, drugs, alcohol, and the wasted opportunity. which is very, very sad in this case. >> a duet with tony bennett brought winehouse a gramny nomination last week. the singer died this past summer at the age of 27. >> so tragic. she was so young. still ahead, the bay area
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technology saving lives on the gridiron and hue a unique mouthpiece could be protecting players.
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check this out. technology used by the stanford football team is the subject of a report coming up next on "nbc nightly news." we brought you the story a few weeks ago. now it's getting international attention. the technology is inside team members' mouth guards. they're equipped with sensors which monitor the impact on the head during tack kills and falls. the sensor not only measure the force of the impact, they store
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the data then transmit it to monitors on the sidelines during a game. so what's it all for? well, the goal is to better understand sports concussions. it's a huge issue in athletics. that story's coming up in-depth in "nbc nightly news" with brian williams up next. >> it's very interesting. jeff ranieri's with us now. we are ready to go, we're prepping everything for cold temperatures tonight. >> it's time to get the blankets out, cover up the plants, take those animals in. we have a freeze warning and frost advisory, temperatures in the 20s. widespread low and mid 30s. dry through friday with sunshine by the afternoon. and the next best chance of getting any showers in here does not look until about next monday. it's going to be awhile before we might see changes and right now it doesn't look like a huge storm. >> thank you, "nightly news" is next. see you in 30 minutes.
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